How To Set Up And Take Care Of Your Air Track Mat

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How To Set Up And Take Care Of Your Air Track Mat by Mind Map: How To Set Up And Take Care Of Your Air Track Mat

1. Are you still thinking about how to set up your new air track mat? Do not worry, please follow these guidelines, you can set up it fast and with ease! The Steps Prepare a clean and flat surface, this is very necessary for the air track. Take the air track out of the bag and make sure it is fully unfolded. Attach the adapter to the hose, then connect the hose to the air pump and lock it in place. Insert the adapter into the open-air track valve and twist it to lock it in place. Turn on the pump to inflate until the air track is fully inflated. And check if the pressure is right by testing the air track mat with your hands. Turn off the pump and disconnect the hose. The pin inside the valve should still be outside and there is no air should be leaking. Screw the valve cap into place. Your air track mat is now ready for use! The air track needs to be cleaned after a period of use and needs to be folded and stored when not in use. Following these guidelines, you can keep the air mat in good condition and ensure longer service life. After a Period Time of Use Clean and dry the surface of the air track. The air track should be cleaned with water and soft soap. Remember not to use industrial cleaning products. Before folding the air track, make sure it is completely dry and clean. Fold the air track into thirds lengthwise. Roll the fold air track into itself starting from the opposite end of the valve. Tie the air track together using the webbing provided. You can also pack the rolled air track into your handbag. Store it in a dry place. Please don’t use the air track mats when they are damaged, leaking, or when parts are worn or missing. Of course, Kameymall is your first choice of buying an air track mat. Quoted from: