Solutions for Uniform Manufacturers

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Solutions for Uniform Manufacturers by Mind Map: Solutions for Uniform Manufacturers

1. MadeToMeasure Advertising solutions

1.1. MTM Print - 2 Editions - Reach over 45K+ audience in uniform industry

1.1.1. Reaches 95% of uniform businesses

1.1.2. database include retailers, distributors and KDMs of uniform buyers



1.4. uniformmarket eNewsletter

2. Brand Syndication Program

2.1. Reach-out to 1000's of UniformMarket Customers and start selling your products

3. B2B Distributor Portal

3.1. Create Bulk-Orders and Presentations

3.2. Personalized ordering experience for Sales Rep and Dealers

3.2.1. Dealers

3.2.2. Sales Reps

3.3. Built for Uniforms & Gear Industry

3.3.1. Curated Catalogs Personalized to dealers

3.3.2. Manage Invoices & Account Receivable

3.3.3. Manage Payment Terms

3.4. Integrations to Key Systems - ERP, 3PL, Accounting