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1. Benefits / Advantages

1.1. EFFICIENCY: Increases productivity, saves times and makes things more convenient.

1.2. KNOWLEDGE: Significantly increases access to information

1.3. ENTERTAINMENT: Provides endless options for leisure purposes, such as games and online streaming

1.4. COMMUNICATION: Enhances our ability to communicate with each other no matter where we are

2. Drawbacks / Disadvantages

2.1. CYBERWELLNESS: May lead to gaming or online addiction. Factors like only bullying and doxxing severely affect wellbeing, especially for youths.

2.2. ONLINE RISK: New security threats such as hacking and phishing and ransomware attacks are more common.

2.3. MISINFORMATION: Content is easily manufactured and promoted online, leading to 'fake news' that create discord in society

2.4. STRESS: Work-life balance is affected as we are contactable anytime and anywhere, preventing us from being able to fully shut down.

2.5. JOBS: Automation increasingly makes certain groups of workers / industries redundant.

3. Noteworthy Uses of Technology

3.1. EDUCATION: To facilitate online and distance-learning during the pandemic

3.2. HEALTHCARE: 3D printers used to replicate body parts for use in surgery. Robots are used to assist in surgery.

3.3. HOME: Smartphone-based ‘assistants’ allow parts of our home to be controlled automatically.

3.4. AUTOMOTIVE: Self-driving cars use sensors to detect obstacles, navigate roads and read road signs.

4. Some Useful Thematic Vocabulary

4.1. 1. obsolete

4.2. 2. automation / digitalisation

4.3. 3. innovation

4.4. 4. social media platforms

4.5. 5. connectivity

4.6. 6. adopters of technology

4.7. 7. blended learning

4.8. 8. future-ready

5. Common Questions

5.1. 1. What are the benefits / drawbacks of technology?

5.2. 2. How do you use technology in your personal life and in school?

5.3. 3. Has technology done more harm than good?

5.4. 4. Does technology unite or divide people?

5.5. 5. Teenagers today are overly-reliant on technology. Do you agree?

5.6. 6. Technological skills are the most important thing to learn in today's world. Do you agree?