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Hazards by Mind Map: Hazards

1. Chemical

1.1. flammable chemicals stored away from heat source.

1.2. storage: 1-according to chemical compatibility 2- Apply FIFO(تخزين القديم امام الحديث 3-peroxides should be separated 4- separation of chloroform and organic solvents 5-separation of Alcohols and esters

1.3. chemical waste: 1-do not spill water solvent chemicals in water. 2-dilute acids and base to PH 5-11

1.4. Spill: 1-close the source of flame and gas 2-if the spill in equipment: close he electricity

1.4.1. Acids: put sodium bicarbonate

1.4.2. base: put sands

1.5. 3M folded chemical sorbent : 1- to absorb spilled chemicals and reagents in area of work

1.6. fume hood: عند فتح اوعية تحتوي على ابخرة

2. Biological

2.1. for biological hazards : use biological safety cabinet. ( N.B)biological safety cabinet protect workers while he laminar air flow protect your work not the worker.

2.2. Biological waste

2.2.1. soild in biological hazards filled 2/3 volume only

2.2.2. liquid put 10% chlorine - after 2 Hr.- spill it in sink of washing room

2.3. spill

2.3.1. wash your hands with soap and water

2.3.2. spill n floor: cover with chlorine granules and leave it 1/2 Hr. hen collect granules in biological hazards then disinfect area with 10.000 ppm chlorine. chlorine liquid gm/liter 4.5 ml chlorine + 1liter o water. tablets wear PVA

2.3.3. if spill occur in equipment: close the equipment

3. glassware

3.1. if broken

3.1.1. use puncture resistance gloves, and use brush and shovel If it contaminated If it non contaminated put it in: sharp Box

3.2. Used glassware

3.2.1. 1- closed glassware send it to washing room - Autoclave them- washing them with water and soap

3.2.2. 2-opened glassware 1-Soaking them with concentrated clore and close it- sending them to washing room - spill content - Autoclave them

4. protection

4.1. Gloves

4.1.1. wear gloves before lab cotes

4.1.2. chemical resistant gloves : when choose it , look to : Degradation rate - Break throw time ( time between initial contact and detection inside gloves)and Permeation rate.

4.1.3. Types: chemical resistant -Latex-Heat resistant gloves chemical resistant gloves : when choose it , look to : Degradation rate - Break throw time ( time between initial contact and detection inside gloves)and Permeation rate- used for handling of high concentration of chemicals or corrosive agents. Latex gloves:( is no preferable due to allergic reaction to rubber is common. Choose Powder free- wash your hands after remove it with soaps and water.used for handling of chemicals . used for handling of high toxicity chemicals like DMSO Heat resistant gloves ( from -27 to 300 C )

4.1.4. Natural rubber materials : high resistant to acids -causative agents- salts - detergents - Alcohols

4.2. lab cotes

4.2.1. Do not wear lab cotes in offices or other public places

4.2.2. should be cleaned every 2 weeks

4.2.3. wear Aprons and sleeve(over am) over lab cotes when carrying acids.

4.3. safety glasses- UV glasses-googles( protect > 99% of UVA and UVB

5. ابلاغات

5.1. عمال النظافة

5.1.1. في حالات الانسكاب للتطهير

5.2. الامن

5.2.1. في حالة ارتفاع درجة حرارة المعمل : ابلاغ الامن لتشغيل التكيفات بعد ساعات العمل

5.2.2. الحريق Fire Blanket ( made from wool and fire retardant material)/ to place over ire to cut oxygen supply يجب دائما ابقاء ممرات الهروب خالية من اي عوائق

5.3. safety coordinatorفي اي مصيبة تحصل