Frankenstein Vs. Blade Runner

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Frankenstein Vs. Blade Runner by Mind Map: Frankenstein Vs. Blade Runner

1. Creature

1.1. Artificially created

1.2. Judged by appearance

1.2.1. Rejected by society Seeks revenge on his creator Feels really bad afterwards since he had no intention cause Victor's death

1.2.2. Is not naturally evil

2. Replicants

2.1. Seeks revenge to creator as well

2.1.1. Pris Crazy women, who tried to kill Deckard

2.1.2. Roy Threatens Deckard in the end scene, so that he would feel the same pain he felt over the course of his lifetime

2.1.3. Leon Killed the guy who was interrogating him

2.1.4. Zhora Stripper interrogated by Deckard

2.2. Is rejected from society

3. Victor Frankenstein

3.1. Creator of the creature

3.1.1. Suffers from the rage of Creature

3.1.2. All of his family members and the people he cared were murdered

4. Creator

4.1. Tyrell Company

4.1.1. Tyrell, killed by Roy - got his eyes squished Could be a symbol of the fear, and pain Roy saw, and wanted Tyrell to feel the same way