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3.2 netiquette by Mind Map: 3.2 netiquette

1. WHAT IS NETIQUETTE? o Netiquette, which is short for Internet etiquette o The code of acceptable behaviors users should follow while on the Internet o The do’s and don’ts of online communication.

2. WHEN DO THESE RULES APPLY? Anytime you are: Chatting online, Using email, Posting to a discussion, Blogging, Playing online games


3.1. -keep messages brief: use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation -be careful when using sarcasm and humor -avoid offensive language -use meaningful subject lines

3.2. Read the FAQ (Frequently asked questions), if one exists. Many newsgroups and webpages have an FAQ.

3.3. never read someone's private email

3.4. Do not assume material is accurate or up to date. Be forgiving of other’s mistake.