Mental health at work

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Mental health at work by Mind Map: Mental health at work

1. People with difficulties may not understand it

1.1. this is not a physical pain like a fracture

2. Recently, this topic has received more and more publicity.

2.1. members of the British royal family

2.2. World Mental Health Day is October 10.

3. BBC World Service Business Daily

3.1. Paul Farmer is the head of the mental health charity Mind

3.2. Jeff MacDonald is an activist with Minds at Work.

4. 300,000 people lose their jobs every year due to poor mental health.

4.1. In the UK, it costs between 33 and 42 billion pounds a year.

4.2. that's about $ 50 billion

5. Other people's stories are lifeboats

5.1. silent people begin to realize that they are not alone

5.2. they cease to be silent