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Whole Child by Mind Map: Whole Child

1. Core Values

2. Positive Leadership

2.1. Believers, Dreamers, Doers,

2.2. Pessimists, Naysayers, Critics

3. Visionary

3.1. Purpose, Awareness, Support, Continuous Improvement, Create Space, Goals, Student Learning

4. Mission

4.1. Culture Drives the...

4.2. Look Ahead, not Rear View Mirror

5. Test Scores

5.1. Focus on the roots

5.2. people, relationships, culture


6.1. Share Questions, Equity Seeking Change, Model, At the heart of change is learning, Action, Collaborative Learning, Reflection


7.1. Multiple Perspectives, Empathy, Care, Build Relationships, Respect, Trust, Social and Emotional Support

8. Whole Teacher

9. Community Member

10. What's your 20th Mile?

11. Belief

12. Hope

13. Optimism

14. Don't Ignore Negativity

15. Empathy

16. Encouragement

17. Self Awareness

18. We don't give up because it's hard. We give up because we get discouraged

19. Toby Heusser