Sophie's World Ch 1 -4

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Sophie's World Ch 1 -4 by Mind Map: Sophie's World Ch 1 -4

1. Sender

1.1. What we learn

1.1.1. Wears Beret

1.1.2. Put letters in Sophies mailbox

1.2. Wants Sophie to never lose these wonders and curriosity

2. Letters

2.1. Mysterious post card wishing happy birthday to another girl but apparently sending it to Sophie is the easiest way of getting it to the birthday girl

2.1.1. Hilde Moller Knag

2.2. All you need to be a philosopher is the capacity to wonder

2.2.1. All babies have this but we lose it when we grow older

2.3. Lessons about philosophy

2.3.1. Myths Before western philosophy people explained life through myths

2.3.2. Greece Since they believed the earth was eternal they didn't care where it came from. Instead they questioned how the world changes Natural Philosphers Believed everything made up of the same thing

2.4. Big questions

2.4.1. Who are you?

2.4.2. Not many philosophical questions but many answers

2.4.3. Where did we come from?

3. Sophie

3.1. Sophie Amundsen

3.1.1. Friend of Joanna

3.2. The Letters make her think

3.3. Tells no one of the letters

3.4. Tries to talk to mom at dinner philosophically

3.4.1. Mom asks if she is on drugs

3.5. Dad is seldom home due to work


4.1. "Where does the world come from?" (6)

4.2. "Did anybody have answers to these questions?" (10)

4.3. "She had never thought so hard before!" (19)

4.4. "You haven't gotten yourself mixed up with drugs, have you dear?" (20)

4.5. "After what seemed like an eternity, she was back at the mailbox" (21)