PDP Design for PMO Initiation and Planning Phases

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PDP Design for PMO Initiation and Planning Phases by Mind Map: PDP Design for PMO Initiation and Planning Phases

1. Project Manager Information (PM PDP)

1.1. Stages

1.1.1. PMO Review

1.1.2. PM Assignment

1.1.3. Shared Services Review

1.1.4. Charter Development

1.1.5. Shared Services Signoff

1.1.6. FInance Review

1.1.7. Bus Unit / Sponsor Approval

1.1.8. PMO Committee Review

1.1.9. Exec Review

1.1.10. Finance Capital Assignment

1.2. Field List

1.2.1. Project name

1.2.2. Project Description

1.2.3. Project Charter Field type: Hyperlink Default: None Required: No

1.2.4. Project Departments

1.2.5. ROI/NPV

1.2.6. Budget Proposed Amount

1.2.7. Budget Actual Field Type: Numeric / Monetary Required: No Deafult: None

1.2.8. Project Priority

1.2.9. Project Overall Status Field Type: Lookup RAG Status Required: Yes Default: None Previous Name: Project Status

1.2.10. Budget Status Field Type: Lookup RAG Status required: Yes Default: None

1.2.11. Resource Status Field Type: Lookup RAG Status Required: Yes Default: None

1.2.12. Schedule Status Field Type: Lookup RAG Status Required: Yes Default: None

1.2.13. Project State Field Type Lookup Project State Required: Yes Default: None

1.2.14. Project Stage Field Type: Lookup Stage Required: Yes Default: None

1.2.15. Project Phase Field Type: Lookup Project Lifecycle Phase Required: Yes Default: None

1.2.16. Project Owner

1.2.17. Target Start

1.2.18. Target Finish

1.2.19. Project Notes

1.2.20. Project Committed Capital Field Type: Currency Required: No Default: None

1.3. Permissions

1.3.1. Edit PMO Director Project Managers

1.3.2. View Requestor Finance

2. Stages

2.1. ALL

3. Planning

3.1. PDP's

3.2. Stages

4. Execution

4.1. PDP's

4.2. Stages

5. Program

5.1. Field Type: Lookup

5.1.1. Lookup Table: Programs

5.1.2. Required: No

5.1.3. Default:

6. Project Management Details (PMO PDP)

6.1. Stages

6.1.1. PMO Review

6.1.2. PM Assignment

6.1.3. Shared Services Review

6.1.4. Charter Development

6.1.5. Shared Services Signoff

6.1.6. FInance Review

6.1.7. Bus Unit / Sponsor Approval

6.1.8. PMO Committee Review

6.1.9. Exec Review

6.1.10. Finance Capital Assignment

6.2. Field List

6.2.1. Project Name

6.2.2. Project Description

6.2.3. Requesting Department Field Type: Lookup Department Required: No Default:

6.2.4. Project Priority

6.2.5. Project Owner Field Type: Lookup Default:

6.2.6. Project Manager Required: No Field Type: Lookup Previous Name: PMO Resource

6.2.7. Project Portfolio Field Type: Lookup Lookup Table: Portfolio Types Required: Yes Default: EduK

6.2.8. IS P&D Field Type: Boolean Required: Yes Default: Yes Previous Name: Is Planning & Development

6.2.9. Is Apps? Field Type: Boolean Required: Yes Default: Yes

6.2.10. Project Sponsor

6.2.11. Is Ops? Field Type: Boolean Required: Yes Default: Yes

6.2.12. Project Sign-off Field Type: Lookup

6.2.13. Capital Project Type Field Type: Lookup

6.2.14. Capital Project Sub-type Field Type: Lookup

6.2.15. Project Notes Field Type: Text Required: No Default: None

6.2.16. Project Departments Multiple Selection Required: No Default:

6.3. Permissions

6.3.1. Read Only Project Managers ALL

6.3.2. Edit PMO Director Project Owner

7. Project Summary (Request PDP)

7.1. Stages Visible

7.1.1. ALL Request Submitted PMO Review ETC

7.2. Field List

7.2.1. Project Requestor Field Type: Text Required: Yes Default: None

7.2.2. (Requestor Email) ? Field Type: text required Yes Default: None

7.2.3. Business Unit Field Type: Lookup Business Unit Required: yes Default: None Previous Name: Business

7.2.4. Requesting Department Previous Name: Department Field Type Lookup Lookup Table: Department Required: No Default: None

7.2.5. Project Name Field Type: Text Required: yes Default: none

7.2.6. Description Field Type: Text Default: None Required: Yes

7.2.7. Project Priority Previous Name: Priority (H,M,L) Field Type: Lookup Lookup: Priroty HML Required: Yes Default: None

7.2.8. Project Sponsor Field Type: Text required Yes (Project Sponsor Email) ? Field Type Text required: Yes Default: None Default: None

7.2.9. Budgeted? Field Type: flag Required: Yes Default:

7.2.10. Budget Proposed Amount Field Type: Numeric/Money Prior Field name: "Budget - Proposed" Required: No Default:

7.2.11. Project Type Field Type: lookup Required: Yes Default: None Previous Name: Proj Type

7.2.12. Target Start Field Type: Date Default: None Required: yes

7.2.13. Target Finish Field Type Date Required: yes Default: None

7.3. Permissions

7.3.1. Edit Requestor Sponsor PMO Director

7.3.2. Read Only Everyone

8. Finance Information (Finance PDP)

8.1. Stages

8.1.1. PMO Review

8.1.2. PM Assignment

8.1.3. Shared Services Review

8.1.4. Charter Development

8.1.5. Shared Services Signoff

8.1.6. FInance Review

8.1.7. Bus Unit / Sponsor Approval

8.1.8. PMO Committee Review

8.1.9. Exec Review

8.1.10. Finance Capital Assignment

8.2. Field List

8.2.1. Proejct Name

8.2.2. Project Description

8.2.3. Project Charter

8.2.4. Capital Project Type

8.2.5. Capital Project Sub-Type

8.2.6. Project Capital Number Field Type: Text Required: No Default: None

8.2.7. ROI/NPV Field Type: Numeric / Monetary Required: No Default: None

8.2.8. ROI/NPV Desc Field Type: Text Required: No Default: None

8.2.9. Budgeted?

8.2.10. Budget Proposed

8.2.11. Budget Approved

8.2.12. Project Committed Capital

8.2.13. Budget Actual

8.3. Permissions

8.3.1. Edit PMO PM Finance

8.3.2. Read only ALL

9. Approver Information (Approver PDP)

9.1. Stages

9.1.1. Shared Services Review

9.1.2. Charter Development

9.1.3. Shared Services Signoff

9.1.4. FInance Review

9.1.5. Bus Unit / Sponsor Approval

9.1.6. PMO Committee Review

9.1.7. Exec Review

9.1.8. Finance Capital Assignment

9.2. Field List

9.2.1. Project name

9.2.2. Project Description

9.2.3. Project Charter

9.2.4. Project Requestor

9.2.5. Project Notes

9.2.6. Project Sponsor

9.2.7. Project Priority

9.2.8. Budgeted?

9.2.9. Budget Proposed Amount

9.2.10. Budget Approved

9.2.11. Steering Committee Review Date Field Type: Date Required: Yes (PMO Comm Review Phase)

9.2.12. Target Start

9.2.13. Target Finish

9.3. Permissions

9.3.1. Edit PMO Project Approvers

9.3.2. Read only PMs ALL

10. Project Status Information (Status PDP)

10.1. Stages

10.1.1. PMO Review

10.1.2. PM Assignment

10.1.3. Shared Services Review

10.1.4. Charter Development

10.1.5. Shared Services Signoff

10.1.6. FInance Review

10.1.7. Bus Unit / Sponsor Approval

10.1.8. PMO Committee Review

10.1.9. Exec Review

10.1.10. Finance Capital Assignment

10.2. Field List

10.2.1. Project Name

10.2.2. Project Description

10.2.3. Project Charter

10.2.4. Project Status Field Type: lookup RAG Status

10.2.5. Project State

10.2.6. Project Stage

10.2.7. Project Phase

10.2.8. Workflow Stage

10.2.9. Workflow Phase

10.2.10. Target Start

10.2.11. Actual Start

10.2.12. Target Finish

10.2.13. Planned Finish

10.2.14. Actual Finish

10.2.15. Proposed Budget

10.2.16. Budget Approved

10.2.17. Budget Actual

10.2.18. Project Committed Capital

10.3. Permissions

10.3.1. Edit PM PMO Director New node

10.3.2. Read only Everyone

11. Phases

11.1. List of PDP's Visible for Each Stage

11.2. Initiation

11.2.1. Stages Request Submitted PDP's PMO Review PDP's Charter Development PDP's Shared Services Signoff PDP's Finance Review PDP's Bus Unit Approval PDP's PMO Committee Review PDP's Exec Review PDP's Finance Capital Assignment PDP's

11.3. Closeout

11.3.1. PDP's

11.3.2. Stages

12. Legend

12.1. New node

12.2. Blank

12.3. Red: Indicates Duplicate field from other PDP

12.4. New Field

12.5. Renamed Existing Field

13. Project Schedule