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Theories by Mind Map: Theories

1. Learning Theories

1.1. Constructivist

1.1.1. teacher is facilitator

1.1.2. the mind is a network

1.1.3. learning is an active process that increases through experiences

1.1.4. transforms students from a passive recipient of info to an active participant in the learning process

1.1.5. problem-solving; critical thinking

1.2. Connectivism

1.2.1. theory of the digital ages

1.2.2. learning is a knowledge creation process, not only knowledge consumption

1.2.3. knowledge is brought about by our experiences and interactions with content & others

1.2.4. social networking sites (Twitter & Facebook)

1.3. Cognitive Load

1.3.1. working memory adds info to our long term memory by creating or adding to schemas

1.3.2. if it means anything to you, you'll most likely remember it "meaningful effect"

1.3.3. explains the limits of working memory based on our current knowledge

1.3.4. practice, repetition, organization

2. Technology Theories

2.1. Media Ecolgy

2.1.1. study of media as environments

2.1.2. why media makes us feel and act as we do

2.1.3. how media structures what we are seeing

2.1.4. tries to find out what roles media force us to play

2.2. SCOT

2.2.1. human action shapes technology

2.2.2. looks at the steps and principles to follow when analyzing the causes of technological successes and failures

2.2.3. those who seek to understand the reasons for acceptance or rejection of a technology should look to the social world

2.2.4. not good enough to explain why technology is the best but rather "how" it became to be the best

3. Frameworks

3.1. Teachnology

3.1.1. teacher's philosophy about how to use technology as a teaching tool

3.1.2. personal values & beliefs from own's experiences

3.1.3. will evolve, develop and change over time as one gains experience and knowledge

3.1.4. ePortfolio demonstrates use of technology to effectively teach

3.2. TPACK

3.2.1. knowledge needed by a teacher to effectively teach students using a technology advanced learning environment

3.2.2. effective integration of content, pedagogy & technology

3.2.3. use of technology is limited by the available resources in the teacher's environemnt

3.2.4. time, training and assessment strategies will impact how technology is used in certain schools

3.2.5. beginning teachers will be at a disadvantage due to a lack of experience of how to combine all three components in their lessons