Educational Theories

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Educational Theories by Mind Map: Educational Theories

1. Learning Theories

1.1. Constructivist

1.1.1. actively interact with the environment

1.1.2. teach basic skills through solving problems interactively, the teacher can be a facilitator to this

1.1.3. collaborative learning through project based and meaningful learning

1.2. Behaviourism

1.2.1. get stimulus from the environment, learn from it, and the reactions from your behavior

1.2.2. practice of given stimulus makes memory and learning more possible

1.2.3. teacher directed learning with clear outcomes and expectations

1.3. Cognitivism

1.3.1. prior knowledge is key to learning

1.3.2. practice retention and the use of mental mind maps to learn/remember

1.3.3. connected with cognitive load theory: Use 'chunking' in order to retain information

1.3.4. scaffolding: give support at each level of learning, then eventually remove support when goals are reached.

2. Technology Theories

2.1. SCOT

2.1.1. human action influences technology

2.1.2. there is a desire for interaction through social media.. there is a creation of things like twitter and facebook

2.2. Media Ecology

2.2.1. media is a key and integral part in learning

2.2.2. learning of technological techniques plays a real role in social understanding and learning

2.3. TPACK

2.3.1. used to promote memory int the classroom, and allow for multiple different types of learners to benefit from the lessons

2.3.2. Combining pedagogical implimentation, technological use, and course content within the classroom