Learning and Assessments

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Learning and Assessments by Mind Map: Learning and Assessments

1. Criterion Related Validity

1.1. Concurrent

1.1.1. Measures administered at the same time as measures to be validated

1.2. Predictive

1.2.1. Predicts future behavior of examinees

2. Validity

2.1. Content Validity

2.1.1. Questions correspond to what should be covered

3. Importance

3.1. Valid test measure what is suppose to be measured.

4. Importance

4.1. Reliable tests yield stable scores

5. Reliability

5.1. Test-Retest or Stability

5.1.1. Estimating reliability

5.2. Alternate Forms

5.2.1. Equivalent forms of a test used to estimate reliability of scores.

5.3. Internal Consistency

5.3.1. Test items correlate with each other