Melissa's Life

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Melissa's Life by Mind Map: Melissa's Life

1. School

1.1. Can I attend school?

1.2. Do well in my academic classes

1.3. Do well with clients in clinic

1.4. Read, write, think, give presentations

2. Family

2.1. Can I communicate effectively with my family?

2.2. Curt

2.3. My nieces and nephews

2.4. My sisters, mom, aunts, and uncles

3. Health

3.1. Can I participate in activities that keep me active and healthy?

3.2. Take my dogs for walks

3.3. Cook healthy meals

3.4. Exercise daily

4. Home

4.1. Can I take care of my home?

4.2. Pay my bills

4.3. Clean my house

4.4. Go grocery shopping

5. Hobbies

5.1. Can I participate in the things I enjoy doing?

5.2. Playing and watching sports

5.3. Playing with my nieces, nephews, and dogs

5.4. Reading books and watching movies

6. Friends

6.1. Can I communicate and spend time with friends?

6.2. Going out to eat

6.3. Talking on the phone and having conversations

6.4. Enjoying hobbies together