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Theories by Mind Map: Theories

1. Learning Theories

1.1. Connectivism

1.1.1. Finding information and knowing where to find it is essential

1.1.2. Curent and up to date info, is the intent of connectivism

1.1.3. Facilitating connections is essential to learning

1.1.4. Students take control of their own learning, connect with peers to further enhance learning

1.2. Constructivism

1.2.1. Learners learn new knowledge on the foundation of previous learning

1.2.2. Able to express knowledge in multiple different ways, and use multiple intelligences

1.2.3. Teachers will encourage this type of learning and the reflection process

1.2.4. Teachers help student construct knowledge

1.3. Cognitive Load

1.3.1. Two types of knowledge are working and long term memory

1.3.2. Explains the limits of working memory based on current knowledge

1.3.3. Learning requires maximum capacity of working memory

1.3.4. To learn is to create connections between existing info and data in working memory

2. Technology Theories

2.1. Media Ecology

2.1.1. Study of technology as an environment

2.1.2. Pre-paradigmatic science

2.1.3. Interaction with media helps or hinders our chances of survival

2.1.4. Tries to find out why media makes us feel and act the ways we do

2.2. SCOT

2.2.1. Social Construction of Technology

2.2.2. Human action shapes technology, technology doesn't shape human action

2.2.3. Success or failure of technology is determined by us as a society