General Project Plan Phase 1-2

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General Project Plan Phase 1-2 by Mind Map: General Project Plan  Phase 1-2

1. Phase 1

1.1. What We Offer

1.1.1. Information

1.1.2. Cause

1.1.3. Reasons to commit

1.2. Team Needed

1.2.1. Project Manager

1.2.2. Developers

1.2.3. Designer Start developing Infographics

1.2.4. Service/Sales People

1.2.5. Freelancer Info Movie

1.2.6. Contact with key Partners Logistics Knowledga Database Official Blog- Contributors

1.2.7. Legal Regulations Customs

1.2.8. Farm Scouts

1.3. Development

1.3.1. The Platform Subscribers Future Users Database Farm Database Clear Concept Statement Working Blog Developers Blog Contributor's Blog Working Forum?

1.3.2. Basic Principles of Service Created

1.4. Communications

1.4.1. Info Website Blog Official Blog- Thought Leaders Cotribute Development Blog The Daily Diary / Farmers & Farmhopper's Blog General Info Movie Canvassing the real website Brings deadlines and development timeline Carries enough info for future subscribers Target communication through social websites/channels SEO Proper anticipation build up to release Infographics Build up media momentum towards TechCrunch 1A Start looking for partnerships Knowledgebase Creators Official Blog Contributors NGO's & Government Associations

2. Phase 1 A

2.1. What We Offer

2.1.1. Can Create User Profile

2.1.2. Farm Profiles

2.1.3. Knowledge Base

2.1.4. Farmpedia

2.1.5. Feature Movies

2.1.6. Explanatory ( Function) Movies

2.1.7. FAQ

2.1.8. Future Functions announced and explained

2.2. Team Needed

2.2.1. Web Development Team

2.2.2. Market Communications Team

2.2.3. Service&Logistics

2.2.4. Legal&Compliance

2.2.5. Insurance ?

2.2.6. Knowledgebase Creators

2.2.7. Freelancer Info Movie

2.3. Development

2.3.1. Basic Functioanlity User Profiles: create & update Farm Profiles: With Info& Videos Users can Look for farm offers Choose & buy products Choose Products from Offers (last min) Shipping now & in the future Get Information


2.3.3. PAYMENT

2.4. Communications

2.4.1. Add movies about functionalities

2.4.2. Create Buzz

2.4.3. Newsletter

2.4.4. Feeds

2.4.5. The Blogs Articles by famous people

2.4.6. Articles at big issues Tech Crunch Cory Doctorow Boing-Boing Other of that statue

2.4.7. FB and Youtube adds

2.4.8. Conferences& Shows,etc.

2.4.9. Presentations at events

2.4.10. TED Global

2.4.11. Speeches

2.4.12. SEO

3. Phase 0

3.1. Launch Developers Blog attach to Under Construction Page

4. Phase 2

5. New node