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Real-Time Virtual Collaboration (RTVC) by Mind Map: Real-Time Virtual  Collaboration  (RTVC)
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Real-Time Virtual Collaboration (RTVC)

Instructions for use: In some of the branches links are embeded and files are attached. Mouse over the branches and look for little icons on the bottom right: grey arrow, attachment)

Facts About The Conference

54 Participants from 16 countries in plenary, 28 participants in 9 break out sessions

Collaboration tool for plenary: Skype chat

Timetable: Opening plenary, 2 time slots for break out sessions (1 hr.), final plenary

Preparation of conference: 8 people from 6 countries (USA, Canada, GB, Brazil, Germany, South Africa), who have not met before as a group, in 3 weeks time

Key Learnings: Tools

Collaboration tools that are difficult to set up need more time for preparation. Conduct pre session preparation in advance of virtual meetings

it is difficult to move from one session to another

think about the relationship between the set of tools to be used and the goals for the session (Chat only, voice, visualisation)

Key Learnings: Collaboration

Convening virtual meetings requires a different kind of preparation than real world facilitation.

It works

You can organize large global confereneces with minimal lead time and cost.

Ability to collect information in virtual conferences is greater because all of the communication can be recorded.

Because participants are already connected in the conference you naturally may stay more connected after the conference.


Skype Chat Plenary


Session on collectiv action

Session on communication tools for managers

Introducing social media to large organizations

New Change Management Appraoch for 21st Century

Break-out Sessions

Collaborative intelligence in the workplace (Stephan Joyce)

Communication tools for the manager 2.0 (Marc Dangeard)

Interdependence between collaboration and technology (Hans Gaertner)

Open money (Georg Pleger)

Global Skills (Lucy Garrick)

Introducing social media to large organisation (Carl Plant)

Community owned communications (William Rogers)

New Change Management Approach (Holger Nauheimer)

Collective action (Maria D)

Staying in Touch

Skype Chat - RTVC Chat Room




Twibe rtvc

RTVC Workshop May 2009 at CMT Website

Sample Participant Feedback

Thanks to the helping hands - good athmosphere.

"Some technological confusion was part of my learning experience... very excited about the possibilities of vc...I'd love to participate in this kind of thing more." Leila

"Everything was ok for me... Skype, Twitter, DimDim (?) All was very well prepared Good jobs." Emmanuel

"The chats were inspiring and intriguing the technology sometimes frustrating." patiotextiles

"I got lots of ideas and links to new tools etc. - will definitely use some of them and try them out in our setting. Thank for great preparations." Olivia

"No session conversations for me this time - but 2 nice butterfly talks on the side- thanks to Sofia, Stephen and Aiden." Frauke

"Simplicity seemed to be the key, more time to think creatively." Carl

"I would appreciate the open rooms on different media to test drive so that I would not miss sessions" patiotextiles

"I found it more meaningful to engage solely in one-to-one and to check in post-event on all the chatter. Follow-up with individuals on specific ideas if required. ..." Aiden

"I lurked in a few sessions in the first part but the hosting was quite all engaging - even though I typed little." onetruestory