Supernatural phenomena

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Supernatural phenomena by Mind Map: Supernatural phenomena

1. It made my hair stand on end

2. I was rooted to the spot

2.1. It struck terror in my heart

3. UFO

4. telepathy

5. ghosts

6. werewolf

7. poltergeist

8. Doppelganger

9. aliens

10. I got myself together

11. These are five stages in the story

11.1. Setting the scene

11.2. Building towards the climax  Building towards the climax

11.3. The climax

11.4. The gradual release from the climax

11.5. The after-effect of the whole incident

12. Read the text and find words and phrases which are associated with the word "fear".

12.1. Fear

12.1.1. horrible

12.1.2. rooted to the spot

12.1.3. dead scared

12.1.4. my heart nearly stopped

12.1.5. weird

12.1.6. my hair stood on end

12.1.7. struck terror in my heart

12.1.8. made my hair stand on end

12.1.9. finally got myself together

12.1.10. ghastly