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SW Ch. 1-4 by Mind Map: SW Ch. 1-4

1. Philosophy

1.1. "Most adults accept the world as a matter of course" (18)-- many adults take life for granted and miss the beauty and mystery of it

1.1.1. "The world itself becomes a habit in no time at all" (17).

1.2. History

1.2.1. Greek Natural Philosophers Heraclitus: 'everything flows' Parmenides: "thought that everything that exists had always existed" (33) Three Philosophers from Miletus: "...all believed in the existence of a single basic substance as the source of all things" (33) Anaxagoras: believed nature is made of an infinite number of tiny particles, "but even in the minutest parts there are fragments of all other things" (38). i.e. cells Homer and Hesoid First to write down mythology "Now that myths existed in written form, it was possible to discuss them" (26)

1.2.2. Norse Mythology Thor & his hammer "...the mythological explanation for how the balance of nature was maintained and why there was a constant struggle between good and evil" (23).

1.3. Most people live in the rabbit's fur and don't question how the rabbit came from the top hat, only few, such as philosophers, go to the ends of the rabbit's hairs looking for answers about the universe, life, etc.

2. Sophie

2.1. Coming of Age

2.1.1. 'who are you?'--Sophie does't know (yet)

2.2. "She tried to forget what she had learned in school, especially in science class" (27).

2.2.1. She is questioning everything she believes (believed?) in

2.3. "'Mom--don't you think it's astonishing to be alive?'" (19).

2.4. What will happen with the letter to Hilde?