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Fight League by Mind Map: Fight League

1. Remarketing Campaigns - focusing non-converters - upsell - customer match - custom audience - re-engagement

1.1. Paid Search

1.1.1. TBD/TBC for Display and Video

1.2. Paid & Organic Social

1.3. SEO

1.4. Email & Web Push for already converted users

2. Collaboration w/ other teams

2.1. Sales

2.2. Product Marketing

2.3. Data & Back-end

2.4. Customer Success

3. Management & LT updates

4. Key Components

4.1. Challanges

4.2. Timeline:

4.3. Budget:

4.4. Team:

5. Definition of Success

5.1. Methodology Change- Recency Frequency Monetary Modelling created for 50+ different user segments used for Google Ads, GA audience, mirrored for Email marketing + Paid Social & Display Adv.

5.2. CPA / Conversion Value reporting is now on created with Multi-Channel Funnel analysis and budget allocation follows as so

5.3. Mediums - GA, user-ID enablement, Hubspot to analyze customer LTV and cohort reports

6. Action Items:

6.1. Acquisition and Retention campaigns & budgets aligned and merged afterwards

6.2. With the help of RFM & LTV reporting, management team change total budget and Q and HY targets

6.3. New budget & channel management strategy enabled

7. Channel & Campaign Analysis

7.1. Start:

7.1.1. Retention based Campaigns for churn users, % probable highly converting segments or campaigns

7.1.2. Multi-Channel Funnel analysis & Data Driven Attribution Modelling to budget & channel ops & opt strategy

7.1.3. Subcription Model in pricing & landing page Discount Codes for referral users only Email Marketing to leverage performance in specific segments or user types

7.1.4. Landing Page Optimization UX CRO Navigation & Accessibility Site Speed & Web Vitals

7.2. Stop

7.2.1. allocate budgets for low converting ad + creatives and campaign types

7.2.2. fragmented channels & campaigns fragmented reporting

7.2.3. low CR, high CTR, high CPA 1 creatives / 1 ad set

7.3. Continue

7.3.1. User Jounrey & CRM based Marketing campaigns and only use discounts for user-acquisition in their firs transaction

7.3.2. Google Ads / SEO with keywords expansion, enrich campaigns with CRM data create similar audiences with CRM data

7.3.3. Paid Social & Display campaigns are synced with touch-points for better conversion rate & values