Sophie's World

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Sophie's World by Mind Map: Sophie's World

1. Quote #2

1.1. "Ethiopians believe that the gods are black and flat-nosed, Thracian's imagine them to be blue-eyed and fair-haired.If oxen, horses, and lions could draw, they would depict gods that looked like oxen, horses, and lions" (Gaarder, 26)!

1.1.1. This is because as humans, we believe that our gods created us and therefore look like us. It gives us more of a reason to believe in them because they are like us. Personal Todo List Vacation Planning Meeting Minutes Project Plan more...

2. Quote #4

2.1. "Nowadays a lot of people imagine that at some time something must have come from nothing" (Gaarder, 30).

2.1.1. This raises a very interesting question abut how the earth was created and how it evolved over time. But when you think about it, did the egg come before the chicken or did the chicken come before the egg?

3. Quote #1

3.1. "Sophie realized that she had already begun to crawl down into the cozy rabbit's fur, the very same rabbit that had been pulled from the top hat of the universe" (Gaarder, 19).

3.1.1. This is about how Sophie is become human. She is growing mature and becoming desensitized to life's wonders. And that's why she keeps getting mysterious letter in the mail, someone is trying to save her from loosing curiosity.

4. Quote #3

4.1. " She understood that people had always felt a need to explain the process of nature. Perhaps they could not live without such explanations. And that they made up all those myths in the time before there was anything called science" (Gaarder, 27).

4.1.1. This is showing how Sophie is beginning to understand why people have come up with myths for the changing of the seasons: so they can have a reason why there's change.But now with today's science, there is one single reason that explains it. Science takes away the fun of believing in things. INS to insert (Windows) TAB to insert (Mac OS) ENTER to add siblings DEL to delete Press F1 to see all key shortcuts

5. Quote #5

5.1. "You can't experience being alive without realizing that you have to die, she thought. But it's just as impossible to realize you have to die without thinking how incredibly amazing it is to be alive" (Gaarder, 5).

5.1.1. This is saying how that sometimes we take for granted the things in life that make living so special. And so when we are lying on our death bed, we finally come to realize how lucky we are.