Sophie's World

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Sophie's World by Mind Map: Sophie's World

1. The Garden of Eden

1.1. Sophie questions everything

1.1.1. "It was like two sides of a coin that she kept turning over and over. And the bigger qnd clearer one side of the coin eame, the bigger and clearer the other side became too" (7). Heraclitus "Heraclitus pointed out that the world is characterized by opposites. If we were never ill, we would not know what is was to be well ..." (36).

1.1.2. The mysterious letters further and deepen her thoughts and make her think

2. The Top Hat

2.1. "A philosopher never gets quite used to the world" (19).

2.2. "You cannot find out whether there is a God ro whether there is life after death by looking in an encyclopedia" (15).

3. The den

3.1. Sophie reads the letters

3.1.1. Sophie is able to think freely

3.2. Place where she can be herself

3.3. Grown-up free and hiden

4. The Natural Philosophers

4.1. Thales

4.1.1. believed everything came from water

4.2. Anaximander

4.2.1. boundless

4.3. Anazimenes

4.3.1. the source of everything was air

4.4. "A rationalistt is someone who believes that human reason is the primary source of our knowledge of the world" (36).