Internet Searches

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Internet Searches by Mind Map: Internet Searches

1. Strength & Weakness

1.1. 1. Strength of the internet search

1.1.1. Delivering current & niche information

1.1.2. ERIC More than 800 education journals Education journals dating back to 1966 Retrieve specific information

1.2. 2. Weakness of the internet search

1.2.1. Should fine out what the best search terms are

1.2.2. Limited to abstracts

2. Internet Search Strategies

2.1. 1. Subject Directories

2.1.1. Find a list of educational associations

2.1.2. Find the department of education from each region or institute

2.1.3. Find a list of online education journals

2.2. 2. Search Engines

2.2.1. Find out appropriate internet search tools

2.2.2. Pay attention to various (advanced) search options

2.2.3. Combine two or more concepts for search keywords

2.3. 3. Relevency

2.3.1. Evaluate the quality and relevance of source to your research question

2.4. 4. Meta-search Engines

2.4.1. Search to multiple search engines at the same time

2.4.2. One or two words are appropriate for keyword

2.4.3. Ex) Dogpile, Metacrawler

3. Scholarly Communication Strategies

3.1. 1. Connect people with shared research interests

3.1.1. Easily find experts working on a similar topic

3.2. 2. Tools of Communication

3.2.1. E-mail easily contact researchers, institutions on a specific research field

3.2.2. Newsgroups & Discussion group providing scholarly content and commentary Gain new viewpoints and strategies for research

4. Education Websites

4.1. 1. Associations and university webpages

4.1.1. faculty, publications, resolutions etc.

4.1.2. culture and activity of each organization

4.2. 2. institute of education sciences(IES)

4.2.1. National Center for Education Research(U.S. Department of Education for researchers)

4.2.2. Regional Educational laboratories

4.3. 3. Research -oriented online journals

4.3.1. Author information

4.3.2. Subject of articles

4.3.3. facts and statistics verification

4.3.4. current information