Sophie's World Chapter 1-4

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Sophie's World Chapter 1-4 by Mind Map: Sophie's World Chapter 1-4

1. Chapter 3

1.1. Sophie gets a letter from her dad and the "philosopher"

1.1.1. Her dad is in Mexico and wanting to be home, but he won chess against the captin

1.1.2. The Mythological World Picture Sophie begins to question life Sophie does not believe in what the science teachers are telling her to believe

2. Chapter 1

2.1. Sophie comes home

2.1.1. Sophie finds a letter in her mail box "Who are you" "Where does the world come from"

2.2. Sophie has a lot of pets

2.3. Sophie's dad is never home because of his job

2.4. Sophie gets a car "from dad" to Hilde MØller knag, c/o Sophie Amundsen

3. Chapter 2

3.1. Sophie get s a new package entitled Course in philosophy handle with care.

3.1.1. three type written pages with a paperclip What is Philosophy Sophie are you still there?.. to be continued

3.2. Sophie gets a new package

3.2.1. A Strange Creature

4. Chapter 4

4.1. "Is there a basic substance that everything else is made of"

4.2. "Can water turn into Wine"

4.3. "How can earth and water produce a a live frog"

4.4. The Philosophers' Project

4.5. The Natural Philosopher

4.6. Three Philosophers From Miletus

4.7. Nothing can come from nothing

4.8. All things flow

4.9. Four basic elements

4.10. Something of Everything in Everything

4.10.1. "Parmenides says:That nothing can change,and then our sensory perceptions must therefor must be unreliable" "Heraclitus says: Everything changes, it all flows, therefor sensory perceptions are correct"