Sophie's World

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Sophie's World by Mind Map: Sophie's World


1.1. Who are you?

1.1.1. Is it your name that defines you? "What if she had been given a different name? Would she then have been someone else?" (2)

1.1.2. Is it your facial features that define you? "But was that really determined by how you looked?" (4)

1.2. "But when these basic needs have been satisfied--will there something that everyone needs?" (12)

1.2.1. Yes Being interested in who we are Being interested in why we're here

1.3. Where does the world come from?

1.3.1. The world has always existed, it has no beginning. "Surely everything that exists must have a beginning?" (7)

1.3.2. God created the unvierse "She could accept that God had created space, but what about God himself?. Had he created himself out of nothing? Again there was something deep inside that protested. Even though God could create all kinds of things he could hardly create himself before he had a 'self' to create with. So there was one possibility left: God had always existed. But she had already rejected that possibility!" (7)

1.4. Is there a basic substance everything is made of? Can water turn to wine? How can earth and water produce a live frog?

1.4.1. Some though it was water that everything was created by, some though air. Jesus could turn water into wine, but that's a miracle, not something that can be done normally. Water and earth can make a frog if the earth or water is enhanced with some other substance.

2. The answers

2.1. Myths

2.1.1. When philosophers were stumped by the world problems, they explained these troubling questions through characters

2.1.2. These are fictional tales and therefore cannot be used to answer real questions Sophie realizes that making up stories to explain these questions isn't so unreasonable.

3. Plot

3.1. Sophie is receiving mail form an unknown person. The questions written on this mail provokes her to question who she is, why she is here and many other standard philosophical. Her obsession with finding the answers for these questions or at least pondering their possible answers has puzzled her mom and friends. The unknown sender now gives her small philosophical writings explaining the history of philosophy and the mindset one must have to become a successful one. She embraces everything she reads and now devotes her time to trying to find answers to these cruelly unanswerable questions.