Learning theories

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Learning theories by Mind Map: Learning theories

1. Media Ecology

1.1. How the media affects human perception, understanding, and feeling. How does this interaction with media enhance or disrupt our lives.

1.2. Relates to connectivism in that we used social networking and media to enhance our thoughts and work in a particular area.

2. Connectivism

2.1. Learning made through connections with others via social networking, face to face interactions or other types of communication.

3. Cognitive Load Theory

3.1. The brain has a limit to the storage of working memory

3.2. Relates to constructivism where new information is being learned and stored from a past understanding of a given subject or topic.

4. Social Construction of Technology

4.1. technology does not determine human action, but that rather, human action shapes technology.

4.2. Relates to both theories of media ecology and connectivism in that technology is used to enhance our lives, therefore we continue to strive for increases in these fields.

5. Constructivism

5.1. Knowledge is built through previous constructed knowledge.

5.2. Constructivism relates to theories of connectivism in that we can build knowledge through the expertise and opinions of others.


6.1. Is the integration of necessary skills required to be a successful teacher. These skills include, being competent pedagogically, with content and technologically. When we can incorporate all of these skills together while teaching we have reached a solid level of TPAK.

6.2. If human action shapes technology then there is a link between technology and how we use it to teach. Therefore social construction of technology is related to the theory of TPAK.

7. Philosophy of Teachnology

7.1. The Philosophy of Teachnology is a teacher’s personal philosophy about how they use technology as a teaching tool.

7.2. This could include how an educator views the use of social networking or cell phones as information gainers in the classroom.

7.3. Like the learning theory of connectivism, social networking can be a great way to use technology in the classroom.

7.4. The philosophy of teachnology is easily related to TPAK in that teachers who aren't very competent in using technology may not use it effectively if at all in lesson plans.