New project

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New project by Mind Map: New project

1. Target

1.1. 1. local who dont know there are financial supports by government (Government grant)

1.1.1. provide information

1.1.2. support preparing documents

1.1.3. do you have this kind of system in italy?

1.2. 2. local who want to implement business plans based on 1.

1.2.1. provide system implementation

1.3. 3. local who want to be merged by a company % international company who want to merge a company

1.3.1. matching service

1.3.2. market analysis

1.3.3. support hiring/communication training

1.3.4. system implentation

1.4. Italy and Japan

2. Problems

2.1. there are Digital divide and some small business are dyeing without knowing the possibility of financial supports of the government or to sell their business to others

2.2. after international business acquisition, problems due to cultural differences

2.2.1. is this needs visible for our prospects?

2.3. a lot of freelancers but they dont find jobs easy or get paid little

2.4. CO2 Tax problems JP will have for exporting.

2.4.1. Might seek moving some manufacturing facilities to EU or green/low CO2 emission countries

3. Resources

3.1. freelancers

3.2. Internal

4. Service/How we make money

4.1. Front end

4.1.1. Target 1 getting paid only when clients acquires the gov. support (1-3% of the supports) Providing information Helping them to make a biz plan to get the Government grant

4.2. Back end

4.2.1. Target 2 System implementation Biz plan/market analysis

4.2.2. Target 3 HR Consulting Is this needs visible to clients? Biz plan/market analysis System implementation