asking the right question

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asking the right question by Mind Map: asking the right question

1. triggers

1.1. m&m committee meetings

1.2. group and national initiative

1.3. patient enquiry

1.4. ambulatory care

1.5. handover meetings

1.6. ward rounds

2. the right question

2.1. will the answer help me?

2.2. will the answer help the patient?

2.3. will the answer help the community at large?

2.4. is the question answerable?

2.5. is the question specific?

3. steps to EBM (5As)

3.1. Ask

3.2. Acquire

3.3. Appraise

3.4. Apply

3.5. Assess

4. Type of questions

4.1. background question

4.1.1. general and basic

4.1.2. examples what is migraine

4.1.3. resources textbooks

4.2. foreground question

4.2.1. specific to clinical scenario

4.2.2. not easily found in text books

4.2.3. has four components PICO Patient/population patient of patient group disease or condition stage of illness care setting Intervention/indicator type of treatment level of intervention stage of intervention New node comparison/control alternative intervention not always there outcome

4.2.4. types of clinical question therapy diagnostic prognosis harm/etiology prevention cost-effectiveness quality of life