Online Creation Tools, Platforms and Applications

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Online Creation Tools, Platforms and Applications by Mind Map: Online Creation Tools, Platforms and Applications

1. Presentaion/Visualization

1.1. These platforms allow you to present and share Presentaions, Infographics, and Videos with other people.

1.1.1. Advantage The presentation of infographics and data enables us to identify relationships and patterns within digital assets, since discerning trends in the data gives us a competitive advantage when it comes to factors that may be affecting product quality, or that may help us solve larger problems.

1.1.2. Disadvantage Another often overlooked disadvantages is that visualization may be ambiguous due to its intrinsic conciseness and abstraction, as it conveys condensed concepts or information in a much more encoded way than an equivalent text

2. Cloud Computing

2.1. The practice of using network of remote servers hosted on the internet which you can store and access you files/data anytime and anywhere with the access of an internet.

2.1.1. Advantage Cloud allows us to quickly and easily access store information anywhere, anytime in the whole world, using an internet connection. An internet cloud infrastructure increases organization productivity and efficiency by ensuring that our data is always accessible.

2.1.2. Disadvantage Although cloud service providers implement the best security standards to store important information. But, before adopting cloud technology, you should be aware that you will be sending all your organization's sensitive information to a third party, cloud computing service provider. While sending the data on the cloud, there may be a chance that your organization's information is hacked by Hackers.

3. Social Media

3.1. A website, application, or online channel that enables you to creat , cocreate,discuss,modify, and exhange user-generated contents such as posts,pictures,videos, or anything that you want to share to virtual communities.

3.1.1. Advantage Using online social networks in the educational process has been supported by several educational technology researchers, who have emphasized the benefits of technologies. Rising of social networking sites, and a general interest in students have attracted attention to the use of internet tools to develop distance education.

3.1.2. Disadvantage Sharing your online location or getting in trouble at work because of tweeting something inappropriate or sharing too much with the public can cause you some issues that sometimes can’t ever be solved.

4. Webpage Creation

4.1. These are platforms that allow you to create your website commonly encompasses WYSIWYG programs.

4.1.1. Advantage A responsive design is what makes the website fit to the screen sizes of disparate devices, like laptop, desktop, mobile phone and other ones. In short, you get an amazing feature of automatically adjusting all visuals of the website so that it needs no extra effort on defining designing codes for different device. To signal the browser that your webpage is adapted to all devices, this responsive design offers this code to ensure: meta name- “viewport” content= “width=device-width, initial scale-1.0”

4.1.2. Disadvantage As aforesaid, this web design takes more than enough time to manifest on-screen data. The impulsive user doesn’t get stuck to seeing on-going loading. He irks and bounces out of the website, which is termed as a bad user experience. This happening can cost you loss of around 25% users on an average.

5. File Management

5.1. These are Applications that allow you to sort, and manage files without downloading the software tool.

5.1.1. Advantage The traditional method of storing files cannot match the level of security provided by the file management system. In fact security is one of the reason why many organizations prefer to use file management system. The documents stored in the file management system is protected using authentication methods like username and password. 

5.1.2. Disadvantage Accessing data in file management system is not an easy process. It is not convenient as it should be. Whenever a user needs to access an information using different approaches, they must execute a special program.

6. Mapping

6.1. Online aplication allows you to navigate places in real-time.

6.1.1. Advantage The advantage of process mapping is that it shows a process with the activity owners. Every person working in the organization executes a process, but who holds the final responsibility and accountability for particular tasks. Process mapping can reflect who is liable and held responsible in the organization for particular process stages and demonstrate ownership for the complete process. Furthermore, process mapping can provide support in employee orientation and training. It is also a perfect advantage point to transfer best practice by means of an agreed process map.

6.1.2. Disadvantage Although process mapping provides lots of benefit, on the other hand there are some disadvantages that must not be ignored. In this respect the first disadvantage is correctness of data. If we intend that the process map must be accommodating in outlining a process then the gathered data to create it must be accurate. Usually, those employees who are using existing processes are requested for their inputs for the data collection purposes. Occasionally the collected data may not be sufficient to complete the process map, or may turn out to be twisted by judgment or employee discontent. Another disadvantage is the details included in process mapping. In order to generate a correct process map there is a need of attention to detail. If someone lacks the tolerance or ability to generate a process map it may be possible that the task seems to be overwhelming. This shortcoming can cause mistakes in understanding data or data positioning on the process map.