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Theories by Mind Map: Theories

1. Technology

1.1. Media Ecology

1.1.1. Study of media as an environment

1.1.2. Technology plays a role in human communication and everyday life. Media Ecology shows that the world today's learners live in is a media environment, and teachers should take that into account when teaching.

1.2. SCOT

1.2.1. Based on constructivism.

1.2.2. Believes that humans shape and change technology SCOT shows the importance of allowing students to use and build technology in the learning process.

1.2.3. Flexibility in design and interpretation

2. Learning

2.1. Connectivism

2.1.1. Learning has an "end goal"

2.1.2. Learning happens in many different ways. Learners should be given the opportunitie to learn in many different ways and curriculum should always be kept up to date and relevant.

2.1.3. Learning must be current

2.2. Cognitive Load

2.2.1. The brain can only process a certain ammount of information at a time. (7 items in the working memory)

2.2.2. Memory is divided into working memory and long term memory. It must be taken into account that the learner's brain has a certain capacity.

2.2.3. Brain has schemas, or integrated memory structures.

2.3. Constructionism

2.3.1. Learners construct their own knowledge through experience and reflection. Learners should be given handson opportunities in the classroom, as well as opportunity for discussion and reflection in order to best learn.

2.3.2. Learners build on what they already know New node


3.1. Technology, Content, and Pedagogy can be separate, or they can be used in conjunction. Ideally, a teacher should have a balance of all three, which is also knows as TPACK (Technology, Pedagogy, and Content Knowledge)

4. Philosophy of Teachnology

4.1. Teachers should create a philosophy describing their views on using technology in the classroom.