Laurita's Gallup Strengths


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Laurita's Gallup Strengths by Mind Map: Laurita's Gallup Strengths

1. Activator

1.1. Hate meetings. Don't want to talk about it, if I could be doing it

1.1.1. Goal 1

1.1.2. Goal 2

1.2. Implement first, refine later

1.3. Experience is the best way to plan

1.4. Hate long drawn out planning. Think its a waste of time.

1.5. Let me know when you are actually ready to do something

1.6. Love Agile System Development

1.7. A Just Do it person!

2. Developer

2.1. I like being around students even when I am not teaching. I love watching them blossom and become who they are.

2.2. Even before I became a full time college teacher, I was always helping with resumes

2.3. I have always had a preference for working with adolescents and young adults

2.4. My focus is more on their resumes and the future. I use CIS as an excuse to teach life skills, in addition to technical skills

2.5. As a manager, I was always focused on staff development

2.6. Professional Objective on my resume is as follows: to create an effective learning environment for my students, in order for them to maximize their understanding of themselves, course competencies, and to realize their full potential in their academic, professional and personal lives.

3. Futuristic

3.1. Have been following the future my whole life

3.2. Focus on the future of my students in my classes

3.3. Love Ted Talks! Watch them to relax.

3.4. Always collecting information about the future

3.5. Optimistic and positive about the future

3.6. Early adopter, first to try something new

3.7. This photo is from 1977, at the US Dept of Energy, which was, at the time, the cutting edge in Information Systems

4. Includer

4.1. I refuse to commit to just one religion, culture, profession or language

4.2. My mind automatically keys in on who is missing and should be there

4.3. I want win-win instead of win-lose. I do not like winning, if it means someone else has to lose.

4.4. I am mistrustful of any group, program or authority that is non-diverse

4.5. In my mind and my life, everyone has to have a seat at the table

5. Communicator

5.1. I like to explain, to describe, to host, to speak in public, and to write

5.2. I believe that most people have a very short attention span. They are bombarded by information, but very little of it survives. You want your information — whether an idea, an event, a product’s features and benefits, a discovery, or a lesson — to survive.

5.3. I capture interest and lock it in. This drives my hunt for the perfect phrase and draw others toward dramatic words and powerful word combinations. This is why people listen to me. My communications pique their interest, sharpen their world, and inspire them to act.

5.4. I started winning national level oratorical contests and earning my living as a Mistress of Ceremonies when I was still in high school.

5.5. I often feel compelled to speak, write and enlighten others

5.6. Teaching is my passion

6. Input

6.1. Collect portfolios, resumes and headshots of all my students.

6.2. I have to research everything, get lots of information, before I make a purchase

6.3. I am a collector of students, information, links and things

6.4. I need to get better at discarding things

6.5. I spend much time learning new information and updating content