Future Tenses

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Future Tenses by Mind Map: Future Tenses

1. Present Continuous

1.1. - Shows certainty and specificity

1.2. - Future plans and social arrangements with a specifc time, date and/or place

1.2.1. " I'm meeting with my friends at 9"

1.2.2. " She is starting university in September"

2. Going To

2.1. - Shows certainty of the belief and/or decision of the speaker

2.2. - Used for predictions when there are signs that something will happen in the near future

2.2.1. " Look at this blue sky, it's definitely not going to rain "

2.3. - Future plans or intentions that were planned before the time speaking

2.3.1. " I'm going to move to Canada"

3. Shall

3.1. - For a more formal speach, "shall" can be used instead of "will" with "I" and "We"

3.1.1. " We shall never forget this day"

3.2. - Used to make polite questions, offers, suggestions or ask for advice

3.2.1. " Shall I sit with you?"

4. Present Simple

4.1. - Future events which are part of a fixed time table

4.1.1. "The airplane leaves at 4"

4.2. - Future events in clauses of time (when, as soon as, before, after, until, etc.) and condition (if, unless, as long as, etc.)

4.2.1. " I'll buy you a newspaper when I go out"

5. Simple Future

5.1. - Shows uncertainty

5.2. -Instant or spontaneous decisions

5.2.1. " I think I'll drink a cofee now"

5.3. - Future predictions based on belief

5.3.1. " I'm sure you will win"

5.4. - Promises, offers, requests, threats

5.4.1. " I won't tell anyone your secret"

5.5. - Future facts and future actions that happen without the speaker's intention

5.5.1. " I'll be back later"

5.5.2. " She will be 21 this month"

6. Future Continuous

6.1. - An action in progress at a specific time in the future

6.1.1. " This time tomorrow, I'll be flying to India"

6.2. - An action we see as new or temporary

6.2.1. " I'll be working for my Dad until I find a new job"

6.3. - Predictions or guesses about the future events

6.3.1. " She will be coming to the party, I guess"

6.4. - Predictions about the present

6.4.1. " He'll be getting married right now, I imagine"

6.5. Polite enquires

6.5.1. " Will you be joining us for the game?"

7. Future Perfect

7.1. - An action that will be completed before a specific time in the future

7.1.1. " Next April, we will have been together for 20 years"

7.2. - Use"by" + "a point in future time" to mean sometime before

7.2.1. " I'll have finished the cleaning by the time you're home"

7.3. - Use "in" +" a period of time" to mean at the end of this period

7.3.1. " In 2 years' time, I'll have compleated my degree"

8. Future Perfect Continuous

8.1. - To show that something will continue up until a particular event in the future

8.1.1. " In January, I'll have been working herer for 1 year"

8.2. - To show something finished just before another time action (cause and effect)

8.2.1. " When I arrive, I'll have been working all day, so I'll be tired"

8.3. - With time expressions (when, by the time, by+ then/tomorrow/next year, etc.)

8.3.1. " By the time we arrive, we'll have been traveling for fifteen hours"