Theoretical Perspective

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Theoretical Perspective by Mind Map: Theoretical Perspective

1. Behaviorist

1.1. Skinner is the major theorist.

1.2. Deals with the emphasis of "nurture" and considers learning to occur based on the stimuli, responses, and reinforcements that occur in the environment.

2. Nativist

2.1. Noam Chomsky is the major theorist.

2.1.1. emphasizes inborn or innate human capabilities as being responsible for language development.

3. Cognitive

3.1. Jean Piaget is the theorist.

3.2. Emphasis that language is acquired as maturation occurs and cognitive competencies develop.

4. Developmentalist

4.1. Emphasizes the role of nature on language development that is influenced by sequence of cognitive development.

4.2. Piaget is the major theorist

5. Leah Solari

6. Interactionist

6.1. Bruner and Halliday are the major theorist

6.2. Focuses on social interaction with oral and written language.