Rhetoric of Gaming

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Rhetoric of Gaming by Mind Map: Rhetoric of Gaming

1. "Animal Crossing"

1.1. Economic aspects

1.2. Ecological aspects

1.3. Teaching tool

1.4. conducive to cultural discourse

2. Connotation of "play"

2.1. Misunderstanding: play interrupts learning/working

2.2. "play" in a mechanical sense (parallel to Bogost defintion)

2.3. Bogost redefines "play"

3. procedurality

3.1. process intensity

3.2. example of procedurality of a game

4. Rhetoric

4.1. visual rhetoric

4.2. procedural rhetoric

5. McDonalds Video Game

5.1. procedural rhetoric: processes of large corporations

6. gaming as a subject

6.1. not used as a study tool, but as a subject to be studied (as literature is studied and practiced)

7. ideology

7.1. America's Army as process rhetoric