Rhetoric of Gaming

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Rhetoric of Gaming by Mind Map: Rhetoric of Gaming

1. McDonalds Video Game

1.1. procedural rhetoric: processes of large corporations

2. gaming as a subject

2.1. not used as a study tool, but as a subject to be studied (as literature is studied and practiced)

3. ideology

3.1. America's Army as process rhetoric

4. "Animal Crossing"

4.1. Economic aspects

4.2. Ecological aspects

4.3. Teaching tool

4.4. conducive to cultural discourse

5. Connotation of "play"

5.1. Misunderstanding: play interrupts learning/working

5.2. "play" in a mechanical sense (parallel to Bogost defintion)

5.3. Bogost redefines "play"

6. procedurality

6.1. process intensity

6.2. example of procedurality of a game

7. Rhetoric

7.1. visual rhetoric

7.2. procedural rhetoric