PBL Scenario 1

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PBL Scenario 1 by Mind Map: PBL Scenario 1

1. Problem 4: Some students are not motivated to learn

1.1. Evidence: During Ms Jia's lesson, Lian Huay is busy with her mirror and Lucy is reading her magazines.

1.1.1. Possible Explanantion(s): 1) Ms Jia did not put in effort to use and refine motivational strategies 2) Ms Jia has lost her motivation as a teacher.

2. Problem 5: Unnurturing classroom climate for learning

2.1. Evidence: Miss Jia did not respond to the jeering by class when Minah asked question.

2.1.1. Possible Explanation(s):Teacher expectation of good learning behaviour and mannerism are not emphasised to the class

3. Problem 1: Ms Jia seems to ignore the student’s learning styles

3.1. Evidence: Oblivious to the class when tending to Annie’s question and wishing that all her students were like Annie.

3.1.1. Possible Explanation(s): 1) Not able to adapt to more than one learning style 2) Lack repertoire of pedagogical approaches to cater to a variety of learning styles

4. Problem 2: Ms. Jia is not teaching for understanding but teaching to complete the syllabus

4.1. Evidence: Ms Jia brushes Minah’s question aside and tells her that she will not understand the rationale even if she had explained it.

4.1.1. Possible Explanation(s): 1) Pre-assumption that students will not understand anything even if she elaborates further.

5. Problem 3: Ms Jia is prejudiced against John

5.1. Evidence: Without clarifying the matter, she immediately suspected and accused John of cheating when he dropped an eraser during a Maths test. On top of this, she even used derogatory words like “shameful” when blaming John of cheating. She also jumped to conclusion that John had to resort to cheating because he did not study for the test.

5.1.1. Possible Explanation(s): 1) She has formed her own biasness against John, which has become her barrier to communicate effectively with him. 2) Her negative conception about John might have stemmed from his incessant disciplinary issues which she is not able to manage.