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Charities. by Mind Map: Charities.

1. Help the heroes

1.1. we have picked this charity.

1.2. we have picked this charity because we have saw the adverts and we thought it was a good charity to raise money for.

1.3. Help for heroes raise money for the injured soldiers fighting for are countries.

1.4. Help for heroes website.


2.1. We thought about raising money for the RSPCA to help all animals.

2.2. RSPCA website.

3. Soccer aid

3.1. we was going to raise money for soccer aid because we like how they have charity football matches & how loads of celebrity's get involved to help raise money so people can have a better life.

3.2. soccer aid website.

4. Cancer research.

4.1. We thought about picking cancer research to help raise money to help people with cancer.

4.2. cancer research website.

5. British heart foundation.

5.1. We thought about raising money to help people have better hearts.

5.2. British heart foundation website.

6. Children in need.

6.1. We thought about picking children in need as are charity to raise money for because we like what it goes to.

6.2. children in need website.

7. Events.

7.1. FIFA tournament.

7.1.1. This has been organised in dinner over split up over five days.

7.2. Car wash

7.2.1. Set up a car wash at dinner & charge whoever wants there car washing a fiver.

7.3. Fun run.

7.3.1. This could be organised at dinner & everyone that wants to do it has to pay a pound.

7.4. Football Match.

7.4.1. This could be set up at dinner or after college doing staff V students and you have to pay 2 pound to play.

7.5. sell T-shirts.

7.5.1. This could be organised at dinner. we would have to sell the t-shirts for more than we paid for them to make profit.

7.6. Sell merchandise.

7.6.1. Sell merchandise for a bit more than we bought it to make profit.

7.7. Table tennis tournament.

7.7.1. This could be organised at dinner & you have to pay 2 pound to join in the competition.