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items of obstetric diagnosis (8) by Mind Map: items of obstetric diagnosis (8)
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items of obstetric diagnosis (8)

previous diseases or surgical procedures that can affect the management of the current pregnancy : e.g.

maternal cardiac disease

diabetes mellitus

uterine anomalies


previous uterine scar

complications of the current pregnancy : e.g.


ante-partum hemorrhage

premature rupture of fetal membranes

fetal malformation

fetal death



left anterior (anterior to the left)

right anterior (anterior to the right)

right posterior (posterior to the right)

left posterior (posterior to the left)


head ( cephalic presentation )

buttocks with or without feet ( breech presentation )

in transverse lie ( shoulder presentation )



longitudinal lie

transverse lie

oblique lie

duration of the current pregnancy (calculated in weeks)

other clinical methods

fundal level

symphysis-fundal length

date of quickening

Naegele's formula (method)

calculate, the expected date of delivery (EDD), equals to = 1st day of LNMP + 7 days & 9 months, Gestational age, equals to = 40 weeks - ( EDD - today date)

provided that, human pregnancy is 40 weeks, the 1st day of last normal menstrual period (LNMP) is certainly known


all deliveries

beyond medico-legal viability

regardless of the outcome


the current one

the abnormal ones

the abortions and delivery too

regardless of the outcome