Transformations of the North

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Transformations of the North by Mind Map: Transformations of the North

1. Immagrant Video

2. Factorys, new technology

2.1. New node

3. Boss Tweed Video

4. Economic Conditions

4.1. The rich people consisted of businessmen , factory owners, and politics.

4.1.1. The rich owned factories , ran the government, and owned land.

4.2. The middle class developed over this time period due to new industrialization. It consisted of the working class . Middle class developed in the city, not farms.

4.2.1. The middle class, in the later years still worked at factories, in entertainment, and businesses.Things such as that.

4.3. The lower class, mostly consisting of immigrants and African Americans were struggling during this period.

4.3.1. They were overworked and underpaid, child labor which was dangerous, and they were treated unfairly in the process. They worked long days for little money.

5. Social Conditions

5.1. Political machines created new parks in which people would socialize.

5.2. The native people and immagrants did not get along. The native people wanted nothing more then for the immagrants to either leave or have no rights.

5.2.1. New node

5.3. Living conditions for the poor got better when the political machines took power of the government, but before that most of them lived in the slums. The slums were areas in which poor people would huddle together, such as at the ends of market places, water ways, and alleys.

5.3.1. Rich people at this time blamed the wide spread of disease on the poor. It was true that many of the poor at the time were sick and dying, but that was more because they had no way to get better, or rather stay healthy. They lived on the streets, having to take the season change full hand, unlike the rich who had house and fire to stay warm.

6. Political Conditions

6.1. Political machines ran the government of this time period.It consisted of the leaders,bosses, and a small group of politics.They got their power from voters, mostly consisting of immigrants.

6.1.1. The political machines were very corrupt. They stole money from the tax payers by paying businesses to much money for work and in return the businesses would give them kick backs.

6.2. The immigrants relied on the political machines. These machines provided housing, work, and ensured security.They were usually loyal to the bosses of the poliical machines

6.2.1. Though most immigrants new of these kickbacks they did not care. Though the bosses did a lot of bad, they still did a lot of good for theses people.

6.3. The native people of the US were against the Political machines. These people usually were a part of the "No Nothing" political party.

7. Videos of specific developments, new technologies, people, and actions that affected these changes.