Project Idea Worksheet

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Project Idea Worksheet by Mind Map: Project  Idea Worksheet

1. Found object project

1.1. collected objects from neighborhood

1.2. framed and hung in gallery

1.3. or made into a large collage

1.4. Directed at a specific topic (the littering of their own neighborhood for example)

2. Story Wall

2.1. Contributed writings from those in targeted neighborhood

2.2. Outside; large wall of run down/abandoned building OR gallery wall

2.3. written in authors handwriting directly on wall with colored permanent markers

3. To find out:

3.1. What any person can accomplish, no matter who they are, in an artistic way when given the tools and the confidence

3.2. What can be accomplished when a group comes together to put energy into something positive & learn how to take out frustration and stress in a healthy & beneficial way

4. To Create:

4.1. Crafts made from everyday objects/items most people would have at home

4.2. Found object art

4.3. Projects that non-artists and children can take part in

4.4. Examples: Mobile, Collage, Scrapbook, Community garden

5. To serve:

5.1. A targeted area (as described in Populations/Communities)

5.2. For the purpose of creating something inspiring, or beautiful to be seen by the general public/museum visitors

5.3. To give a meaningful project for individuals or areas that would otherwise go unnoticed

6. Would lend to opportunity to work with:

6.1. low income neighborhoods

6.2. individuals who are struggling either financially or emotionally or both

6.3. people who want a voice about what is going on in their community, whether it be positive or negative

6.4. people who need help getting started on a positive path

6.5. neighborhoods that have been neglected

6.6. Individuals who would benefit from a stress relieving/fun environment (single mothers ect)

7. Populations/Communities

7.1. youth-ages 12-18

7.2. Adults

7.3. neighborhoods within a larger city IE:Barrio Centro in Tucson

7.4. urban environments: big cities, lower income areas of that city

8. "I work with what i believe in"

8.1. 1.Education:

8.2. Art Education

8.3. Opening minds to new ideas

8.4. 2. Beautifucation

8.4.1. Turning run down places into beautiful ones

8.4.2. Cleaning/landscaping

8.4.3. adding color or an artwork

8.4.4. turning something boring into a work of art

8.4.5. low income neighborhood projects

8.4.6. Mural on a run down building

8.5. 3.Awareness through art

8.6. problems within a city/neighborhood

8.7. a recent or ongoing injustice

8.8. showing others how to make positive changes through simple art projects and working together

8.9. making changes through action/something that is visible/tangable

8.10. awareness of the different cultures/different types of people in one place

8.10.1. 4.Locality

8.10.2. working with small areas at a time

8.10.3. picking one neighborhood/park to work with at a time

8.10.4. narrow focus

8.11. 5. Stress free & fun environment

8.12. working with simple crafts or art projects that any age group/skill can do

8.13. all inclusive within the specific community the project takes place

8.14. flexibility to new ideas

8.15. while working with important issues & creating awareness, keep any debating healthy and understanding

9. "...I can work with my experience"

9.1. Technical skill set

9.1.1. Relevant personal experience:

9.1.2. low income/urban upbringing/background

9.1.3. had to learn to overcome struggles such as:broken home, very low income, moving within the same city often from one apartment to the next

9.2. Photography

9.3. photoshop

9.4. painting/color knowledge

9.5. administrative

9.6. organizational

9.7. planning

9.8. computer savvy

10. "...what is the object doing to the space it's placed in..."

10.1. To Educate:

10.2. Ages 6 and up to adults

10.3. Either in an outside neighborhood setting, or in a Museum

10.4. About easy, fun, simple ways to participate in an art project and/or beautification of their locale

11. Project Brainstorm

11.1. Based loosley on: Investigating where we live

11.2. photo collage on Gallery wall

11.3. Targeted at specific low income neighborhood

11.4. contributions of photos from those living in neighborhood

11.5. group work to put up and decorate collage

11.6. The purpose will be to give the people living in this neighborhood a face and a voice, something to be proud of, to bring attention to those in need and to educate others on the different people living within a larger city such as Tucson