IT Support Business Services

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IT Support Business Services by Mind Map: IT Support Business Services

1. Procurement

1.1. Software

1.1.1. Microsoft Office for Mac Office for Windows Visio Project

1.1.2. Omnigraffle

1.1.3. Snagit

1.1.4. Adobe Snagit Captivate Creative Suite

1.1.5. Apple iWork Final Cut Pro

1.1.6. VMWare Fusion

1.2. Hardware

1.2.1. Telepresence TX9000 MX300 Profile 65

1.2.2. Laaptop Mac Retina 15" Macbook Air 13" Windows Lenovo X1 Carbon Lenovo T520

1.2.3. Server Dell R710 Tower Server?

1.2.4. Mobility US Carriers Verizon AT&T Canada Carriers Rogers EMEA Carriers ? Australian Carriers ?

1.2.5. Accessories Keyboard Wired Wireless Monitor Standard Large Large HiDef 2nd Monitor Adapter Mouse Wired Wireless Laptop Riser Laptop Bag Adapters Power Adapters Video Adapters Ethernet Adapters

1.2.6. Printers Common Area Printer Personal Office Printer

2. Systems Config Management

2.1. Exchange

2.1.1. Distribution List Subscriptions

2.1.2. Mailbox Size Limits

2.1.3. Aliases

2.2. Active Directory

2.2.1. OU Placement

2.2.2. Password Resets

2.2.3. Group Membership

2.3. VPN

2.3.1. Corporate VPN DEV Lab VPN Instance Only Access VPN

2.3.2. SecureVPN

2.4. BOX

2.5. Workstation Management

2.5.1. LANDesk Base System Builds Enhanced System Builds Add'l Workflows

2.5.2. DeployStudio

2.6. Cisco

2.6.1. Cisco Webex

2.6.2. Cisco Contact Center

2.6.3. Cisco UC Confernece Room Phones Hotel Room Phones Phone room phones Single Number Reach Extension Mobility Extension Mobility (Cross Cluster) Hunt Pilots NOC IT

3. Administrative

3.1. Terminated Employees

3.1.1. Collect Assets Mobile Phone Release financial responsibility Mobile Broadband Repurpose or Disable Laptop Modify CMDB record

3.1.2. Disable Accounts

3.1.3. Forward Email

3.2. New Employees

3.2.1. Account Creation Document accounts granted Document temporary passwords Apply to roles/groups HI SURF Exchange Distro List Membership Active Directory OU placement Update GAL Contact Info Manager Title Desk Phone Number

3.2.2. Hardware Configuration Laptop Configuration Deliver Software Configuration Desk Phone Configuration Headset Peripherals Mouse Keyboard Monitor Monitor Stand

4. Event Services

4.1. Knowledge

4.2. Sales Kick Off

4.3. Sales QBR