Ideas and Events

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Ideas and Events by Mind Map: Ideas and Events

1. Necklaces

1.1. Necklaces will work, because loads of men will buy them for their girlfriends/wives and women will want to have some, due to how beautiful it would like on them.

2. Halloween Run

2.1. A halloween race would help in the event, because people will definitely pay to take part in the race, and it's all for the greater good.

3. Selling Sweets and Drinks

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3.4. Due to people getting hungry, the snacks and the drinks are sure to sell well. As people usually love to have snacks and drinks at special events.

4. Sell customised T-Shirts online.

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4.4. Selling T-Shirts online is a great way to not only advertise a charity or a campaign, but in the long run, you will also earn some money for it.

5. International British Food Festival

5.1. Check out

5.2. If you wanted to try certain foods from different countries, whilst in the UK, it will help in the long run, due to people spending so much money on foods.