Construction contracts

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Construction contracts by Mind Map: Construction contracts

1. Quick Overview

2. Scope and definitions

2.1. Scope

2.1.1. Construction contracts

2.2. Key definitions

3. Audit objectives

4. Controls

5. Audit procedures

5.1. Construction contract assets, income and expenditure

5.1.1. Example tests

5.1.2. Substantive analytical procedures

5.1.3. Tests of detail Construction contracts - completeness Construction contracts - existence Contract costs Attributable profits and turnover Valuations Retentions Other considerations Combining the work on constructions contracts with the work on the profit and loss account, debtors and creditors Front loading of contracts Guarantees and warranties Assets associated with specific contracts

5.2. Cut-off

5.2.1. Example tests

5.2.2. Substantive analytical procedures

5.2.3. Tests of detail

5.3. Provisions and onerous contracts

5.3.1. Example tests

5.3.2. Substantive analytical procedures

5.3.3. Tests of detail

5.4. Estimates

5.5. Presentation and disclosures

5.6. Example procedures - property development companies

6. Current issues and further resources