Peggy's Brainstorming: ECE Leadership and Administration, and Resource Teacher

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Peggy's Brainstorming: ECE Leadership and Administration, and Resource Teacher by Mind Map: Peggy's Brainstorming: ECE Leadership and Administration, and Resource Teacher

1. Challenge

1.1. Challenge 1

1.1.1. Tech comp of instructors unknown - what is the expectation for CE instructors?

1.2. Challenge 2

1.2.1. How much leeway to re-design? - many courses could be guest speaker driven and modularized

1.3. Challenge 3

1.3.1. Is there a prescribed order of courses to enable scaffolding? Is there one course taken first to facilitate an intro to college resources?

2. Programs

2.1. ECE CE Leadership and Administration

2.1.1. Leadership Dev EDUC 10053

2.1.2. Regs Facilities Governance EDUC 10054

2.1.3. Family and Community Engagement EDUC 10057

2.1.4. HR in Early Learning and Care HRES 10018

2.1.5. Communications and Relationships in Early Care COMM 10174

2.1.6. Financial Planning and Management in Early Learning and Care FINC 10005

2.1.7. Leadership in Action EDUC 10058

2.2. ECE CE Resource Teacher

2.2.1. Intro to Resource Teaching EDUC RT001

2.2.2. Individual Developmental Planning 1 HMNS RT011

2.2.3. Working with Families HMNS RT031

2.2.4. Coordinating Resources LIBR RT071

2.2.5. Advocacy in the School and Community HMNS RT041

2.2.6. Individual Developmental Planning 2 HMNS RT061

2.2.7. Field Practicum 1 WORK RT021

2.2.8. Field Practicum 2 WORK RT051

3. Course Themes

3.1. High Focus

3.1.1. Leadership styles

3.1.2. Analyze quality initiatives in the community

3.1.3. Change management

3.1.4. Conflict resolution

3.1.5. Mentoring

3.1.6. Motivation

3.1.7. Outreach and advocacy

3.1.8. Occupational standards for admin

3.2. Medium Focus

3.2.1. Standards of ethical practice

3.2.2. Personality assessments

3.2.3. Governance

3.2.4. Recruitment

3.2.5. Required tasks for sound fiscal management

4. Plan

4.1. OCT 2012 Kick off: Meet with Leah and Nora

4.1.1. Gain access to current course materials

4.1.2. Discuss any desired outcomes - collaborative learning opportunities, develop knowledge of X tools or process, etc.

4.2. OCT-NOV 2012

4.2.1. Blueprint courses - explore IDW

4.2.2. Source resources Include sourcing intro info for CE instructors as per Norma observations at the LSM FG Do courses use textbooks? Are they happy with them? Do they have learning objects - simulations, quizzes, etc.?

4.2.3. Compile existing assessment strategies | resources rubrics? quizzes? reports | essays?

4.3. NOV 2012

4.3.1. Build specific content in eL

4.3.2. Review course development with Program Managers and/or instructors

4.4. DEC 2012

4.4.1. Revise course content in eL Try to nab a student or at least someone unfamiliar with eL from the instructor side. Check for navigation, links, flow, level of detail

4.4.2. Roll out course to Program Managers, instructors and other interested parties (AD, D, ...?)

4.5. JAN-APR 2013

4.5.1. Troubleshoot course delivery with instructors

4.6. APR 2013

4.6.1. Debrief session with instructors: What worked? What didn't? What needs to change? etc.

5. Assessment | Assignment Ideas

5.1. Interview a community leader

5.1.1. EDUC 10058

5.1.2. EDUC 10053

5.2. Plan a program and its launch with a community partner

5.2.1. Large, collaborative, and experiential assessment with injection of ed tech | tools

5.2.2. Use real orgs and share plans (not an actual event, but plans shared with the org for future potential)

5.3. Create a pathfinder to assist a target group with locating and accessing info on an important issue

5.3.1. EDUC 10058

5.3.2. COMM 10174

5.4. Case study analyses

5.4.1. EDUC 10054

5.4.2. COMM 10174

5.4.3. HRES 10018

5.4.4. EDUC 10053

5.5. Create a project charter for a large initiative

5.5.1. Either a large individual or group assignment. This could be broken up across a semester to address the issues of planning, training, change management, etc. and culminate in the final, polished product.

5.5.2. EDUC 10058

5.5.3. COMM 10171