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Indications of Tooth Extraction by Mind Map: Indications of Tooth Extraction
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Indications of Tooth Extraction

Alternative treatments

RCT: P.A inflammation & Root pattern

Surgery: apicectomy, hemi-section, Root amputatuion

Prosthetically: crown, pin-retained

Periodontological: periodontal treatments

Orthodontics: mesialization/ distalization of teeth, dental arch expantion

Required diagnosis

Local findings: defects related to the tooth it self

Extended local findings: defect related to the surronding structures

General findings: related to systemic conditions

Examination tools

Clinical examination

Medical history


Therapeutic indications

Remaining infected roots

Severe periodental disease

Orthodontic space creation

Cyst / P.A infection related tooth

Tumor relation

Vertical tooth fracture

Supernumerary tooth

Tooth along jaw fracture line

Prophylactic indications

General medical indications prior to:

Tooth with no opposing (over-erupted)


Patient's wish!

ONLY with the actual indications

When to Extract a Tooth ?



Regarding Primary Teeth

Space retaining function

Speech development/ aesthetics

Possible damage to permanent tooth

Child/parents compliance

Age of child

Orthodontic consultation for furture need