Monica's Gallup Strengths

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Monica's Gallup Strengths by Mind Map: Monica's Gallup Strengths

1. Relator

1.1. I like to associate myself with the people I chose to be in my life.

1.2. I value all of my friendships and go into them feet first it is all or nothing.

1.3. I do not give my personal business to just anyone I meet I keep that part of my life to myself.

1.4. I have a strong bond with my husband I am 100% devoted to him.

1.5. I enjoy just hanging out with my close friends

2. Futuristic

2.1. I tend to jump the gun when given a task

2.2. I am always thinking what can I do now to make my children's life better in the future

2.3. I am always communicating with my husband about what we can do now to secure our future.

2.4. Optimisitc about the future

2.5. I dream of securing my children's future so they do not have to struggle like I did.

3. Restorative

3.1. Enjoy fixing a problem that others cannot

3.2. I can identify problems and find solutions

3.3. Work well under pressure

3.4. I love to solve problems

3.5. I enjoy building things

4. Achiever

4.1. Constantly striving to achieve higher goals

4.2. When I have completed a task I feel good about myself

4.3. I never feel like I can take a day off

4.4. When I complete a task and am given positive feedback it makes me want to strive to do more.

4.5. If I have not completed my task list I feel like a failure

5. Individualization

5.1. I approach everyone in a different way, not two people are alike.

5.2. I bring out the best in others and always strive for them to do their very best.

5.3. I do not judge anyone as we are not all the same.

5.4. help others to understand diversity

5.5. I give kudos to those who deserve them