Samantha's Gallup Strengths

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Samantha's Gallup Strengths by Mind Map: Samantha's Gallup Strengths

1. Consistency

1.1. Constantly giving people second chances and helping them that’s, what I am known for.

1.2. Coming up with many different ideas and putting them into action.

1.3. I am always that one person who is hold the group together.

2. Includer

2.1. I dont let onyone feel left out or feel like they cant be apart of the group.

2.2. In my eyes everyone should be treated equal no matter what they look like or how the act.

2.3. I look for opportunities to bring together people from cultures and backgrounds.

3. Deliberative

3.1. I always think long and hard about the decisions I make.

3.2. Everyone refers me to the Responsible one

3.3. I believe I have a good head on my shoulders I always have a positive attitude about work.

4. Restorative

4.1. Encouraging people to go out and interact with the community (come out of their shells).

4.2. Making it known that it’s okay to be out there and take control.

4.3. I like to try new and exciting things.

5. Positivity

5.1. I like to inspire people to do what they are really good at or what they enjoy.

5.2. I always have a open mind to new things that come along.

5.3. I somewhat get to attach to people and their problems I really like to help.