Brenda's Gallup Strengths

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Brenda's Gallup Strengths by Mind Map: Brenda's Gallup Strengths

1. Responsibility

1.1. Feel bad about not doing the assignments on time or correctly.

1.2. If the person is confused about something, they usually ask me for help.

1.3. If I cannot complete an assignment on time, I'll try to find a way to do the assignment quickly before it is due.

1.4. Not obsessed in doing things right most of the time.

1.5. I'll sometimes volunteer for something if nobody is willing to do something.

2. Individualization

2.1. I observe the personalities of each person I know and do not know.

2.2. I sometimes observe other peoples strengths and don't judge people.

2.3. Sometimes I don't focus on the types of people.

2.4. I always pay attention to people's attitude and personality.

2.5. Trying to figure out who works together with who depending on what it is.

3. Deliberative

3.1. I don't really talk that much about myself to people who i barly know.

3.2. I'm a serious person and I don't talk that much to people I don't know well.

3.3. I don't really select certain people to be friends with.

3.4. When in a conversation with a group of friends, I usually keep things to myself.

3.5. I'm careful about certain things.

4. Learner

4.1. Some subjects or topics in school are very interesting.

4.2. I don't really love to learn but it depends on the topic.

4.3. Don't really like to practice the things I have learned in class.

4.4. Don't get excited in learning new things.

4.5. I don't think I can learn a new subject in a short time.

5. Adaptability

5.1. Sometimes get requests from people i know are expected.

5.2. I can sometimes find a way to deal with a problem that is not allowing me to continue my progress on a situation.

5.3. I go "along with the flow" most of the time depending on the situation i'm in.

5.4. I don't think I can stay productive all the time.

5.5. If there's sudden changes that messes with my routine, i'll try to figure out a way to fix it.