Robert's Gallup Strength

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Robert's Gallup Strength by Mind Map: Robert's Gallup Strength

1. Analytical

1.1. Able to see and reduce situations, problems, opportunities, projects, assignments, and debates to their key components.

1.2. Identifying my biases before taking side of an issue.

1.3. I select courses that will use my talents. Also, learn new material.

1.4. I use logic and reasoning to an issue or discussion.

1.5. Deduce the consequences of my friends decisions, inaction, and pronouncements. I use logic to trace the effects of scientific breakthroughs, ethical lapses, and legal judgments.

2. Restorative

2.1. I don't give up when I get a low score on test. This gives me ideas on the area where I need to improve.

2.2. Always have some material or idea that keeps you motivated.

2.3. Selecting courses that is more based on solving problems such as math and science classes.

2.4. Usually tacking difficult problems to simple questions.

2.5. Make a list of ways in which I can apply my talents to improve in each class.

3. Focus

3.1. Usually being in a zone where it takes couple of attempts for other to get my attention when I'm doing crucial assignments or projects.

3.2. Works till I feel exhausted. Then, I take a break.

3.3. Picky on selecting courses to aid me in my long term goal.

3.4. When assignments becomes irritating or uninteresting. I'll see if I am able to play chess with someone to keep my mind focus.

3.5. I would examine data, collect facts, and read material for discussions. Anticipate problems. Ask questions to discover others’ perspectives on issues. Clarify my own position.

4. Deliberative

4.1. Usually on time and attend all lectures and class session.

4.2. Rework some questions to gain the idea or concept to solve the problem,

4.3. Works in my finest alone. I adapt to work with groups.

4.4. Usually picky at times to who is responsible, well prepared, and focus on the task when forming a study group.

4.5. Usually I am able to see opportunities when it is available to me or to others.

5. Responsibility

5.1. I do not blame others for the misleading actions I done. I take full responsibility of my own action.

5.2. Usually attempts to work ahead of time on homework and projects.

5.3. I choose electives that relates to the major or career that I am studying for.

5.4. I use time management to keep myself organize and supports me to get homework and projects done.

5.5. Take one step at a time when occupying myself in homework, class assignments, and projects.