Haymee's Gallup Strengths

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Haymee's Gallup Strengths by Mind Map: Haymee's Gallup Strengths

1. Significance

1.1. I volunteer to take leadership roles in various situations.

1.2. I enjoy completing credible tasks in order to maintain my reputation.

1.3. I engage in roles that require me to complete my own tasks and actions

2. Communication

2.1. I work well in teams by trying to find a way to communicate with everybody in the group to find a to find a common goal.

2.2. I am able to communicate thoroughly when presenting in front of audiences.

2.3. People often seek for my assistance when trying to communicate ideas with others.

3. Futuristic

3.1. I am interested in learning about future projects in society.

3.2. I set high standard and realistic goals.

3.3. I have mentors and coaches to guide me through my visions of the future.

3.4. I try to inspire other by sharing my ideas for future and my goals and also by helping them with their's.

4. Adaptability

4.1. I adjust to new requirements in various environments such as work place, school, home, etc.

4.2. I am able to flexibly adjust my time and productivity when given various tasks to complete.

4.3. Changes in events or meetings don't underestimate me as I can adjust to the new requirements.

5. Achiever

5.1. When an obstacle is faced I don't stop in what I am attempting to achieve, I find a way to go around it.

5.2. I enjoy a good challenge that tests my knowledge and allows me to reach new levels of achievement.

5.3. I enjoy receiving recognition but it isn't a necessity of motivation.