Film Opening Synopsis

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Film Opening Synopsis by Mind Map: Film Opening Synopsis

1. Costume

1.1. Female Character

1.1.1. The female character is going to be wearing a casual day dress, this shows her innocence and girly-like features. We chose the girl to wear a day dress as we thought that it would be more realistic to the audience and it would make the film opening seem more real.

1.2. Male Character

1.2.1. The male character is going to be wearing dark clothes, like dark jeans with a black top and dark coloured shoes. We have chosen this costume for him because it will contrast with the girl and it'll show their differences, also it will show that he has a dark side to him, which we will eventually see later on in the film.

2. Location

2.1. Girls bedroom

2.1.1. There are two locations in the film opening, one of them is the girl's bedroom. We have chosen this as one of the locations as it is where the two characters break up. The room is going to be a medium sized, girl room which would show what her character is like, innocent, girly and fun. A bedroom is not the typical thriller location, however, because of this it allows our film to stand out and it isnt part of the normal thriller films, its different.

2.2. Plain white room

2.2.1. The plain white room is the other location that will be in our film opening, we have chosen this because it is the scene where we see the main character for who he really is. This white room is supposed to be a mental room, for the insane. The whiteness of this room will contrast with the dark clothing that he will wear, which will show the two different sides to him.

3. Diegesis

3.1. The diegesis that will be in the film opening will be the sound of the lullaby box playing sweet child-like music which has the complete opposite meaning. The creaking of the rocking chair will also be a diegesis in the film opening and that will create suspense and tension.

4. Characters

4.1. Male character

4.1.1. The male character is the main character of the film. He goes gradually grows insane throughout the film. We see him in every part of the opening scene, this is how the audience will know that he is the main character. The opening scene shows that he loses his temper on his ex-girlfriend but then it cuts to him in a rocking chair in a completely white room, which shows that he has gone insane.

4.2. Female character

4.2.1. The female character is a young, woman who was in a relationship with the main character. She is important in the film opening as we see her breaking up with him, and him loosing his temper on her. The young woman is in her early 20's.

5. Props

5.1. Rocking chair

5.1.1. This rocking chair will be used in the film opening as it'll create a thrilling, and eerie atmosphere. The main character will be on this rocking chair, and it'll be rocking slowly which gives the auidence the impression that he has gone crazy and insane. The rocking chair will create diegetic sound in the film opening which will be a creeky noise which creates a thrilling and scary scene.

5.2. Lullaby box

5.2.1. This lullaby box will be used in the film opening as it creates diegetic sound, the music that is played from this box is an innocent child-like tune which is supposed to represent the girl in the film. The sweet, innocent music clashes with the insanity and thrilling themes that comes up in the film.

5.3. A photograph

5.3.1. This photograph is a picture of the girl and the main character in the film, it shows a happy memory of them two. The main character is seen holding this picture and getting angry and going crazy, this suggests that the relationship between the two characters has changed him and he has gone insane.

6. Editing

6.1. Cut

6.1.1. In my film opening there will be a lot of scenes that will need to be cut so that it'll go from one scene to another smoothly. Cut will be used from the bedroom scene then to the white room scene.

6.2. Medium pace

6.2.1. I am going to use medium pace in my opening scene so that the audience will know what is going on and they aren't confused. I also used medium pace editing so that the audience can have the right feel of the atmosphere at the right time in the film opening.

7. Plot

7.1. The first part of the film opening is the bedroom scene where the female character and the male character are sitting down. The girl then tells the main character that they need to talk, she then walks around the room and opens her lullaby box which plays the innocent, sweet music throughout the room.

7.1.1. When the female character tells the main character that they need to talk, it gives the audience the impression that they are going to break up.

7.2. The bedroom will then cut to the scene where the main character is in the plain white room sitting on the rocking chair and he is holding a picture of him and the girl and we see a close up of the lullaby box sitting on a table in the room.

7.3. Then we go back to the bedroom scene where the girl tells the main character that she wants to break up, and the main character starts to plead her to come back to him.

7.4. We then cut back to the white room and we see the main character doing the same thing as what he was previously doing, just sitting on the rocking chair looking at the photograph.

7.5. Cut back to the bedroom scene and we see the main character getting angry and he pushes the girl to the wall.

7.6. The final scene is back to the white room where the main character is getting angry and breathing heavily, we then get an extreme close up of his face and he looks up at the camera.

7.6.1. The plot shows tells the audience who the main character is, it also shows them what the film is going to be like and what the characters personalities are. This plot is important and needed to be shown in my film opening so that the audience will want to watch more and want to find out what happened to the girl and what will happen to the main character, it keeps the audience intrigued, interested and entertained.

8. Cinematography

8.1. Camera Shots

8.1.1. There will be a variety of shots in my film opening. I will have medium shots which will be used to introduce the characters. Close up shots which will be used to show the facial expressions of the characters and the importance of the props. Extreme close up shots will be used to focus the whole scene on the character and to show his facial expressions.

8.2. Camera Angles

8.2.1. The camera angle that I am going to use in my film opening is eye level, we have decided to use this camera angle as it will let the audience feel like they are in the film as well and they are with the characters. It would make the film opening more realistic.

8.3. Sound

8.3.1. Diegetic The diegetic sounds that will be in my film opening would be the creak of the rocking chair when the main character will be sitting on it. There will be dialogue in the film opening which will be diegetic sound, the dialogue will be between the main character and the girl. Another diegetic sound that will be in my film opening will be the music coming from the lullaby box, this music will create a thrilling, eerie atmosphere.

8.3.2. Non-Diegetic We might have non-diegetic sound in our film opening, if we do then it would be thriller music being played in the background of the opening scene. This non-diegetic music will create tension and will set a thrilling atmosphere. Whether we have non-diegetic sound or not depends on how effective the lullaby box music is.

8.4. Lighting

8.4.1. We are going to have natural lighting in the film opening as we want it to be as realistic as possible.

9. Conventions

9.1. Insanity

9.1.1. Insanity is one of the main themes in our film and film opening. The main character goes insane in the film. Insanity is a convention of a thriller film, it isn't one of the typical conventions though but that would make it stand out more and different to all of the other thriller films.

9.2. Relationships

9.2.1. Relationships is one of the themes in our film and film opening, the two characters were in a relationship together. The end of their relationship is what caused the insanity that occured in the main character. By having relationships in our film it makes it more realistic and it would connect with the audience more and they had most likely been in a relationship at some point.